Beginner rib stitch issue - help!

Hi everyone,
I’m very new to this so apologies if this question is badly phrased/clueless… But I am trying to learn rib stitch, 1 knit and 1 purl alternating. No matter how many tutorials I knit along to, or how many times I try, I always get the same problem and can’t proceed past the first row. I cable cast on, then on my first row I am stuck with uneven loops that intersect at the roof of the needle. I’m not sure of the terminology and can’t find any images that address this problem, but because of it, I am unable to continue to a new row.

Pictures attached (bad, I know!)
1) top/roof of needle
2) back of first row
3) front of first row.

Any advice would be so appreciated - I don’t know any knitters I can turn to!
Thank you <3

in ref to cast on, try cast on method by good knit kisses you tube

as for rib, try to do 1 k and 2-3 purls , keep in mind if you doing a panel /straigh you need to alternate 1p & 2-3 knits, but no when doing circular/in the round. do a swatch for a bit and see how it looks pratices first before getting into the main project

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When moving the working yarn between the front and the back, make sure to not pass the yarn over a needle but between the stitches.


Thank you! What if the swatch I am creating in preparation for a pattern specifically demands 1 knit, 1 purl? Do you think it’s better for me to start out with 1 knit and 2-3 purls anyway, to learn?

I see - I have been finding the movement of the yarn between stitches quite confusing so I think this is where the problem lies. Are there any simple ways to remember which way to wind the yarn in between stitches? I have always been terrible with knowing left from right so this is a struggle!

this is a great video - thank you

Just from back to front for purl stitches, making sure you pass between the two needles, then move the yarn front to back in the same way to knit again.


Thank you!

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Greetings and Welcome!!!

I want to know something – in those pics u posted, does the needle have just the cast on or the cast on and the first row of K1, P1 on it??? Also, are u using 1 strand of yarn or 2 held together?