Beginner question


I’m so happy to have found this wonderful resource! I am making my first non-scarf. It’s a cute little toboggan with ear flaps. I’ve come to some instructions that I understand but that have confused me at the same time.

I’ve just knit 24 rows in stockinette stitch and now I am supposed to do three rows this way:

k1 (k2tog, k7) 10 times. 81 sts.

My question is this…

On the second of these 2 rows won’t I need to do a purled row in order to keep the st st. pattern going? Or should I actually knit all three of these rows? It seems like this would be wrong. And if I am supposed to purl the second row, shouldn’t I be using a different stitch for decreasing or am I just making this too complicated?

Thanks so much in advance!

Do you have a link for the pattern? It might help to see it. Does the pattern change to garter stitch in this section?

Can you look at the picture and tell whether it stays in stockinette or goes to a garter stitch?

It looks to me like it stay in stockinette stitch.

Then I would think, yes you would purl alternate rows, unless that’s going to make the item too long. That would double the number of rows you would have to make in order to do all the row decreases. Will your measurements work out if you do 6 rows instead of 3?