Beginner question

Hello everyone-! I am a beginner knitter and a newbie to this forum.
I am currently attempting my first vest for my dad. For the front piece I try to write out the pattern before starting and if I read it correctly, it seems I would knit 57 rows for all the decreases. I just want to ask if this is a norm. Thank you so much for helping

What is the name of the pattern?
Can you quote the directions for the decreases on the front? Don’t give us a large portion of the pattern, just the directions for this decrease. We are bound by the designer’s copyright.

Hello-! It’s the men seeded rib vest pattern. Actually i went ahead and knitted the v neck to my best understanding and so Glad to say both pieces matched! Now left with the ribbing to go-!! A different question if I may - the pattern asks to rib the Armhole in rows then sew together with the side seams later. May I ask if I could knit the ribbing on the armhole in rounds instead??

Thank you so much for your help. Im sure there will be more questions soon!!! Lol

Yes, that’s a nice way to work the ribbing at the armhole, too.
Good for you for going ahead and working out the V-neck!

Thanks!! Picking up stitches took sooooooo long lol.