Beginner Question - Using 2 Strands?

I am knitting a basic stockinette stitch hat for my little cousin, I made a practice one with scrap yarn to make sure I got the pattern, shape and size right. When I make my final one, I plan on knitting with 2 strands to make it warmer and thicker, but will this also make the size change? (snugger/tighter or maybe the opposite and make it a little bigger?)

I’m using Caron Wintuk acrylic yarn on size 6 needles.


You might want to knit a swatch using the two strands held together. It will definitely change the size. Then you will have to go down in needle size. One time I started on a project that called for two strands of DK yarn, and I thought it was too thick, so I abandoned the project. Here’s what I would do; go out and buy a skein of wool yarn, and stay with the single strand.

Going down in needles would make your gauge closer to the pattern, but will also make it very stiff. You can use the 2 strands, but use a size 10 and cast on fewer stitches.

Thanks to both, I will do a quick swatch and see what happens, but now i’m thinking I may just knit it single stranded, and add fleece to the inside for warmth. Oh, so many decisions…