Beginner Question Re: Markers

Hi All,
I’m very new to knitting, I taught myself about a year ago the basic stitches. Now I’m trying to do a few baby items. I found this cuddle sack and I have never used markers before. Can someone explain the idea of putting a maker at the beginning of the “round”. Does the marker stay there throughout the project, or is it moved with each round. I’ve never knitted anything in the round.

I think I’ve uploaded everything correctly. Wow, between learning how to cut, paste and upload on the computer to knitting, I feel my age!

Any input would be certainly appreciated.

You will be using a marker that looks like a circle. You place it on the right hand needle before you knit your first stitch. Then each time you knit around the row and get back to the beginning, you move the marker from the left needle to the right one.

So you will know where the beginning of the row is every time you move it.


Oh, okay. Then in this case, I would not move the marker until it measures 19 inches, then move the marker to start the K2tog round?

No you put the marker on the needle and move it every round. Then when you get the 19", you’ll know which stitch is the beginning of the round.

Okay, thank you for clearing that up. I am going to start on it tomorrow. I’m sure once I start working on it, it will make sense. My daughter always makes fun of me, because I have a hard time visualizing things. :wink:

You aren’t alone in this confusion. I had a hard time with this too. I didn’t know if I should put it over the needle or put the yarn through it or what. I had the same issue with knitting in the round and it took me forever to figure it out.
Anyway, here is a video about stitch markers.
Just in case you need it, the first two tutorials on this page are about knitting in the round. The last link is from this site. Her tutorials are really clear and short too!
Good luck!

This is something that I think will become clearer as you go along. You can also use the tail of yarn to mark the beginning of round but the marker is helpful as your knitting gets longer.
Cute cuddle sack!

I have trouble with round commercial markers. They tend to slide under the stitches on the needle and lose my place. I have better luck just tying a piece of contrasting yarn on the needle and slipping it each time. It doesn’t cost anything. My commercial markers got lost for me. My cats knocked them off the table and thought they made dandy hockey pucks on my wood floors.

Thanks so much for the link to the video. I found quite a few there that were helpful.

I like the idea of contrasting yarn, I will give that a try. I think I too would probably lose them. Don’t have cats, but seem to have gremlins that come out when I’m not around and hide things from me. Or, maybe it’s just the memory monster.

I agree that it will seem less confusing once I give it a try.

Reading all the posts on this site is very helpful and inspiring.