Beginner question about cast on

Hi all,

I’m a complete beginner. I’ve completed one dishcloth that is the basic pattern most people use that starts with four cast on’s and includes a row of eyelets around the borders of the cloth.

I am now trying to do one from the beginning knit booklet I have but the instructions are confusing me because it says to only cast on 1 stitch, but then the first row has a knit, an increase, an a knit, so it seems like I would need two stitches cast one. There is just something about I am missing or not understanding. Any help would be appreciated.

Pattern beginning:

Cast on 1 st.
1st Row: (RS), (K1, yfwd,K1) all in st. 3 sts.

I’m pretty sure the 1st row is saying to knit one stitch, yarn over for an increase, then knit another stitch, all in stockinette stitch for a total of 3 stitches on the needle at the end. If that’s is the correct interpretation, than I’m confused by the casting on of only one stitch. It seems I would need to have two casts on to do a first row like that. What am I missing?


Sounds like you’re making good progress.
The directions in parentheses are all to be worked in a single stitch (all in st.). So the cast on of one is correct.
It looks like this:

That clears it up. I didn’t realize everything in parenthesis was a single stitch and that that’s also what the “all in st.” meant, so that makes much more sense now. The video really helps! Thank you!!

In this case the parenthesis do mean you do all in one stitch, but that isn’t always the case. Just FYI. :slight_smile:

Welcome to KH!

Thank you. I’ll keep that in mind. I’m enjoying learning how to knit. I don’t think I’ll do anything too elaborate but I might work up to a sweater or two, lol. I’ve been searching the forum and it’s been a great help as has the video page.