Beginner patterns?

I am just beginning to knit. I made 2 hats so far. The first was a rectangle that I knitted on #15 needles. I stitched the ends together and made the top with a thread stitched around it.

My 2nd was a simple baby hat:

So not much pattern reading yet. I got some wool and more knitting needles for Christmas. I am wanting to make a soaker or a pair of longies for our 4m. Am I trying to move to something to difficult? If not what pattern would you suggest?

Go ahead and try something more difficult, you’ll learn a lot that way. If you do something you really want to do, you’ll put up with the difficulty of it better than something that you’re just not interested in.

I agree. If you start it and decide you need a break from it, work on something else for a while. Try looking at if you haven’t already.

Agreed and agreed. Find a pattern you like and if you run into problems, you know where to come to ask questions.

After a few beginner projects, I ventured into a cabled scarf pattern (complicated for me at the time) with cashmere yarn and it worked out great.