Beginner pattern definition

As a beginner, I have chosen to try a sweater pattern. Wish me luck! This is a bottom up pattern. It calls for a 2x2 rib stitch for the base of the sweater. My question: The pattern is K2, P2 for 110. Then P2, K2 second row to establish a 2x2 Rib. Then it says to repeat for 9 more rows! Is this a total row count of 11 or a total row count of 24? I interpret it to be 24 rows. Remember, I am a beginner with high aspirations!

I’d call it 11 rows. You have the setup row, then you come back across, then you work nine more rows in the ribbing. See what it looks like when you get to the eleventh row. I’m betting you’ll think it’s long enough.

Mind, nothing tragic would happen if you worked more rows. You might even like the way it looks. Like a whole lot of other things about knitting, it’s highly customizable!

Hi and welcome

Becky is right but patterns are not always clear if I wrote a pattern that needed 24 rows of rib I would write Row 1 K2, P2 to end, Row 2 P2,K2 to end repeat from * to * 11 times. Your pattern starts with an even number of stitches not divisible by 4 eg 82, 102.

Becky also hit on a good point, a lot of patterns say something like work in pattern until work is a certain length and rib is easier to do than cable if you want to save some time.

Good luck and always think high