Beginner needs your help!

I am making a child’s pullover sweater and I am stuck at the neck shaping, it says, k 15 sts. Join second strand of yarn and bind off…what second strand? After that it states, Working both sides at once… how do you work both sides at once? Am I just being thick or what?

The second strand comes from a separate 2nd ball of yarn. So after the bind off of the neck stitches in the middle of the garment, you will have a ball of yarn attached to each side of the sweater as you work up the piece to finish each side of the neck up to the shoulder.

JKLCPA is right. Just grab a second ball and use this to bind off. WHen your finished you’ll have the piece you already made (the body i assume) and you’ll have 15 stitches a big space where you bound off and maybe 15 more stitches? you just continue as normal but now there’s a big empty spot in the middle for the neck!

-------bobobob--------- Looks like this- the bobobobo is
------- bind off --------- where you already bound off.