Beginner needs help :)

Hi there!

Basic question I think, so hopefully someone knows what I’m doing wrong!

I’m trying to knit a baby blanket for my sister-in-law’s baby shower. Normally I use smaller needles, but with the yarn I’m using it calls for 10mm needles. This is the first time I’ve used these size needles and they are getting too tight while knitting.
I casted on real loose the second time around to try to fix it, and I can get my needle through the yarn fine, but on the needle where the knitted material is, I can barely move it. I have to force it down and eventually it gets to the point where I can’t move it at all anymore.

I hope I explained that well enough. What am I doing wrong?

Jessica <3

You’re probably not doing anything wrong. Concentrate on not pulling the yarn too tight when you knit each stitch. If the cast on is the problem you can cast on over two needles, too.

One other thought… sometimes the needles make a difference. Some yarns don’t slide well over wood needles if that’s what you’re using. If you think that could be an issue try metal.

Well I don’t think it was casting on that was the problem. I even redid it three times to make sure. So maybe I am pulling the yarn too tight like you said. I didn’t think I was, but since I’m not used to the yarn I’m using or the size of the needles I might be just messing it us as a result.
So I’ll give it another shot! I got mad and stopped for a few days, but I really want to make this. Worst case scenario I’ll ditch trying to knit it and croquet a blanket instead, lol.
Thank you for the advice! <3

Oh, and I’m using needles that are made out of some kind of plastic, not wood or metal. :slight_smile:

Are you getting the gauge called for? Sometimes the needles recommended are not the ones [U]you[/U] should use to get gauge. They are the needles the test knitter used, or the “average” knitter, but you want to get gauge even if it requires different needles. Also is the weight yarn you are using like the one called for in the pattern? That could affect things too.

As far as I know I am. But I’m pretty new at this so maybe I’m not. I had gotten help from my mum-in-law when I decided to start this project, and she helped my pick the yarn and needles I would need (shes and awesome knitter). But she’s been away since and I haven’t been able to get her help again. >.<
But I will double check the gauge and the yarn to make sure. Maybe thats whats wrong! :slight_smile:

Since your MIL is an experienced knitter she probably got the right yarn (but you can double check), but picking needles for someone else can be hard. I can’t even pick needles for myself with accuracy. :lol: The only way I can be sure I have the right ones is to swatch and measure and I sometimes have to do it more than once.

It could also be that you aren’t sliding the worked stitch far enough back on the needles. When you work each stitch, push the loop toward the fat part of the needle. Don’t just make the stitch over the tip. That will cause it to be too tight.

Just don’t pull the yarn tight; larger needles need a little looser tension than you would do for smaller ones. The taper on the point is longer, so make sure the new st is able to easily slide up to the shaft of the needle. Some plastic needles can be hard to move the yarn on too, but mostly just make sure you’re not tightening every stitch after you make it. Doing the next stitch tightens the previous one, so you don’t need to pull the yarn tight.