Beginner Needs Help

I am very new at knitting. I was able to do the double casting watching the video but I cannot get the first knitting stitch. I have tried many many times and for some reason I cannot get that first stitch nor any stitch. ANY SUGGESTIONS. I REALLY NEED HELP WITH THIS.


Eve, have you found that it’s too tight to get your needle into the st? I’m sorry, but I don’t quite understand. Could you give us a bit more info? After casting on, I’m guessing that you have watched the knit st video? My suggestion is to have your knitting with you at the computer and knit along with Amy in the video and try to pinpoint (if u can) exactly what u are doing when u have the problem.
If we have a bit more info, I’m sure someone will get u straightened out, ok?!
Don’t worry, you’ll get there and it will then be 2nd nature :smiley:

Maybe if you see a picture, it might click.