Beginner Needs help

I have just started learning how to knit. I bought an “I taught myself knitting” kit.
I can cast on, knit and perl just fine and most of the binding off method down.

My question is this:
When binding off the last stitch according to the directions in my book, my entire work unravels afterwards.
Can someone please tell me how the last stitch is supposed to be BO.

Any and all input will be greatly appreciated.
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Cut a length of yarn and pull the yarn through the last loop on the needle and it will lock it. Then you can weave it in.

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weave it in how???

Sorry, I am really new at this and I hate being a bother

Have you checked out Amy’s videos? I’m pretty sure she shows how to weave in ends in the demo of a small project on this page. :thumbsup:

More info here too.