Beginner needs help translating

hi, i am new here and new to knitting but i was hoping someone could help me figure out some pattern directions…

i am making a toy bunny, i am working on the arms and am uncertain how to read what the last 3 directions are…

31st- 32nd rows - cast/bind off 3 sts, work to end.

does that mean to bind off 3 sts (cut yarn) on row 31 and continue the row to the end and then bind of 3 more sts in row 32 (cut) and continue row 32?

33rd-35th rows - dec each end.
for these 3 rows am i then decreasing a stitch at the beginning of the row and at the end of the row for 3 rows?

any clarity would be awesome…

i don’t know why you would be cutting your yarn, there would be none to knit the following stitches with if you did this, and you would have to reattach the yarn in order to keep going.

You have the jist of it. You cast off the requested number of stitches then just continue knitting with the same yarn.

The decreases are done at each end, yes.

thank you dee! that is what i needed to know…the yarn cutting was my interpretation and you taotally cleared it up.

You only cut yarn after a bind off if it’s the final bindoff on the piece and you have no more stitches. Unless it tells you to pick up stitches…