Beginner needing help

Hi I’m a beginner knitter I’ve made a few hats and scarves and I’m trying to knit a beanie hat that has a stripe going around it, I’ve started the stripe in first five stitches changed yarn colour and then once back to change I’ve done stripe in last 6th to 2nd stitch, how do I do it so I have all the joins on the inside an not alternating sides?? Does anyone have a pattern I could maybe follow?? Thanks for reading

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Are you knitting in the round or back and forth? If you’re using a pattern can you give us the pattern name and designer? Finally, can you tell us what stitch pattern you’re using?
Usually you add a new color or new yarn with the tail to the wrong side of the hat. Then you can start using the yarn to knit or bring the working yarn to the RS to purl.