Beginner needing advice

I’m starting to do knit and purl combos. And when I change from knit to purl in the same row the yarn crosses over on the needle so that it looks like an X instead of a regular loop on the needle. Is this the way that it’s supposed to look or am I doing something wrong?

Also with the long-tail cast on, when I do it I end up with 3 pieces of yarn looped around the needle instead of the one it shows in the video. I thought that I was doing the same thing as the video for it but now I’m not sure what I’m doing. Any advice?

You’re not supposed to move the yarn over the needle, that creates extra sts. Move the yarn between the needle tips.

For the CO, make sure the thumb loop gets slipped off the needle.

Been there, done that. :slight_smile: When you change from a knit to a purl in the same row you need to be sure that the yarn is in the front for every purl stitch, and in back for every knit stitch, otherwise you get a mess. As Sue said move the yarn between the needle tips.

I don’t know about the CO.