Beginner looking for help!

i’ve never knit at all before and want to start by making a simple scarf. what are any recommendations for yarn/needle size, etc.? any suggestions would help… i know almost nothing about knitting so far!

A medium thickness yarn, it would say ‘worsted’ or ‘4’ on the label, and some size 10 needles. The yarn should be smooth and a lighter color or variegated, the needles can be circulars which IMO would be easier to learn on than straight ones.

If you knit every row, that makes a nice scarf; if you alternate knitting a row with purling a row, that will curll up into a tube, so you need to have some sort of edging on the ends of the row.

I agree with suzeeq about the circulars and a good worsted yarn. Circulars would be awesome for you to learn on. With most people, when they knit with straight needles, the weight of the work will bother their wrists. I wish someone would have told me years ago how awesome circulars are. :slight_smile: I suggest not getting a yarn that is too dark, bc it’s harder to see your stitches with dark yarn. Also, I really recommend getting a yarn like Caron Simply Soft. Good luck, and don’t forget to post your project in whatcha knittin. :slight_smile: