Beginner knitting question

I began teaching myself to knit this weekend. I bought a How to Knit CD and a knitting kit from walmart. I am pretty good at casting on :yay: , but the knit stitch is about to do me in. The problem is that when I begin to move the stitches from the left needle to the right needle, I get about a two inch string of yarn between the two needles. The yarn is connecting between the two needles. In the instructions, the needles stay close together as the stitches are moved from right needle to left needle. Is this string between the needles okay to have? I know it is probably to do with improper tension, but I just want to make sure I am learning correctly so that I don’t get used to it and then have to correct it later. Can someone help me?

The working yarn is in the back for a knit stitch. It’s hard to explain on the net. The yarn is never between the stitches unless your moving the yarn from the knit to purl position.

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It sounds like you used the backward loop caston, which leaves lot of extra yarn when you knit into the cast on stitches. Try the knitted or Cable cast ons instead, or the Long tail.

I actually had that happen to me when I first started knitting and I always used the long-tail cast-on when I first started. I think it’s a tension issue. It is normal to have a bit of a length of yarn between your needles, but 2 inches is a bit excessive. With practice, though, you will see this go away. You also might want to make sure that as you’re knitting, your stitches are fairly close to the tips of the needles. If you have them higher up the needles, you will get more of the yarn in between them.

Tough to tell without being able to see what you’re doing. Good advice above – if this is on the first row, it might also be that your cast-on is very loose (which is good, to an extent). What happens if you keep knitting despite the extra yarn? Have you knit a sizeable swatch yet?