Beginner knitting patterns

I am learning to knit. I use continental method.:cheering: :cheering:
What patterns would u suggest?
I eventually would like to knit socks. I already know how to crochet socks.

What do you want to make? A hat might be a good choice. You could learn knitting in the round with it. You’d probably want to knit socks in the round.

Patterns aren’t written specifically for continental or english style, so just pick something you’d like and go for it.

Lots of new knitters knit scarves, but I usually recommend newbies trying something smaller, like a dishcloth because it takes a lot less time (which equals less frustration). Besides, you can practice all kinds of stitches on it, mess it up, and/or make it a regular knitting “mutt,” and the dishes don’t care at all!

I find scarves boring, but they can be good for building skills and even tension.

Continental is just how you hold the yarn. It’s just as good as English and patterns are written that specifically.

Bev’s website has very good patterns for beginners. Click the Winter tab at the top for some great projects.