Beginner Knitting Books

Just received the Knit N Bitch book as a secret santa gift…I am so excited…to learn this…Do you have any other book suggestions for new knitters?

There are SO MANY great knitting books for beginners.

You might like the “Knit Fix” book, which shows how to fix common knitting mistakes. It really helps.

I second the “Knit Fix” book. I would also recommend a stitch dictionary the Harmony Guides are reasonably priced, there are also Vogues Stitchionary, “Mary Thomas’ Book of Knitting Patterns” (old with black and white pictures, but still a rather streamline book of information) and the Barbara Walker’s dictionaries (which are classics). Some folks also like Elizabeth Zimmermann’s “Knitting Without Tears,” I like Jacqueline Fee’s “The Sweater Workshop” you can go throught the knitting basics on a swatchy bag thing so you are comfortable and familiar with the techniques that will be used in sweater making and she gives you basic styles of sweaters to make. HTH.