Beginner KNitter

What are some books, and things you would recommed for someone who has NEVER KNIT A STITCH?

THanks! LOL

I would have them watch Amy’s videos… When I first started the books confused me… seeing Amy do the knit stitch and the purl stitch it finally clicked with me… :teehee:

Ohh, you know that is a good idea. THe books confused me at first too. I started knitting on February 2nd lol…some of the books STILL confuse me. This site has been WONDERFUL!

I concur that you should watch the videos on this site to get the hang of things before attempting instructions in books. It will be so much easier for you, I guarantee! As for books, I always recommend The Knitters Bible. It not only has instructions but great patterns and such.

Have fun and we look forward to seeing your projects!


I learned from the Wrights I Taught Myself Knitting it is a good book, and it has really good illustrations.

Amy’s videos are great! I also printed out the info on this site to have next to me.

Lion Brand - Learn to knit

Watch Amy’s videos, and then get the Knitter’s Bible. After that, you’re home free. :roflhard:

I had to sign up for a local knitting class - I’m a very 3-D visual learner, so flat pictures in books just confuse me. Amy’s videos here are absolutely perfect for that! They’ve helped me between classes, helped me learn new techniques, and allowed me to feel comfortable about undertaking new challenges.

I can’t help on books, since I have yet to buy one! :oops:

Another vote for Amy’s videos. I learned everything except for CO and garter stitch from her vids.

:muah: :hug:

Nadja xxx

Hey, that sounds just like me! :teehee: Although, I can say that I do have one book, called “I Can’t Believe I’m Knitting!” I’ve really only looked at it 3-5 times. The first time I did however, it was :zombie: :?? to me. Although, it does have a few patterns in there I may try. But thank goodness for Amy’s videos and knitting class! :cheering:

I haven’t look in a book at all to learn… I just started knitting in January… I basically googled knitting and stuff, and eventually came across Amy’s videos… And seriously, that’s pretty much how I learned. Other instructions with pictures were ok, but sometimes they don’t show every little step, which you see when Amy shows the stitch… She really did a fantastic job, I don’t think I would be knitting without those videos!