beginner knitter

hello! I am new to knitting and want to knit a hat. The pattern calls for circular and dpns and I was wondering if i could just use straight needles.
Thank you

It’s possible but not really a beginner thing (or a very practical thing).
How you knit a tube on straights is alternate stitches so you knit this side, slip that side. Then to decrease you have to drop & rearrange stitches so the side’s stitches you want decreased are together.

You can do it on just a circular, get an extra long one.

Or just dpns, if there’s not enough get another pack.

You can knit a hat flat, but I recommend using a pattern that is designed that way. Then you don’t have to fool with changing a pattern while you’re still learning. Here’s a few…see if they will work for you. Probably a basic hat is best.

Knitting with circular needles isn’t hard and it’s something you will probably want to learn, but if you’re more comfortable with straights while you’re learning that’s fine.

Oh yes, seaming. I have a mental block about that :joy: