Beginner knitter - "Work each side"?

Hi there,

I would like to knit my first sweater using a pattern out of a book for a one-piece garter stitch sweater. But I am stuck on the pattern and am unsure of what this means. Could anyone help?

"Neck Shape
Next row: [B]Work 61 sts[/B], join a second ball of yarn, bind off next 18 sts, [B]work remaining 61 sts.[/B]

[B]Work each side of 61 sts with separate balls of yarn for 8"."[/B]

It’s the word work that I don’t really understand … and working each side with separate balls of yarn?

Any help would be appreciated :blush:

Work in his context means “knit”. You are using two separate balls of yarn because you are working on areas on either side of the bind if stitches. Give it a try and it’ll make more sense. :hug:

Thank you Jan :slight_smile: so when it says work each side with separate balls of yarn does that mean I knit one row with one ball, and then the next row switch to second ball, next row switch to first ball, etc?

You are knitting the neckline edges, so you start knitting with the first ball of yarn when you reach the bound off stitches, drop that yarn. Pick up the 2nd ball of yarn and finish the row of knitting.
You do this for every row you knit until instructions tell you to bind off your shoulders