Beginner knitter stuck with a jumper!

Hi everyone!

I’m currently knitting a jumper - it’s my first big project, so very excited! I got the free pattern here if you wanted to see it for more context:

I’m stuck with the neck shaping on the front, I don’t really understand what it means, and I’d be super grateful if someone could help me out!

So it tells me to knit it like the back - totally understand that.

Then it says
Shape front neck
Next Row Patt 37 (40:43:46:49) turn and work on these sts only for the first side of neck shaping, leaving rem sts on a spare needle.
Next row Patt to end
Next row Patt to last 2 sts, work 2 tog
Rep last 2 rows 6 times more. 30(33:36:39:42) sts. Work straight until front measures the same as Back to shoulder shaping, ending at armhole edge.

So I think I understand that I would work on whichever pattern I had got up to at this point for 49 stitches (As I’m making the larger size), then turn around and keep knitting those 49 stitches, right? But what happens to the remaining stiches on the other needle?

And when it says next row patt to end, does that mean just the stiches I was just knitting with, or the whole lot? I’m imagining how it would look if I do what I think it means, and surely it would only be shaping one side? Maybe I’m missing something here!

Thank you so much for your help! :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum!
Very pretty sweater and not a simple one to start with either.
You’re to work one shoulder first, (49sts) and ignore the remaining sts for the moment. After you bind off this shoulder, near the top of the second column of the pattern there are directions to slip the center sts to a holder and work on the second shoulder (49sts).

Yes, when it says pattern to end, you’re only working the sts you just finished knitting, not the whole original row.

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Thank you so much!

That makes way more sense now :slight_smile:

I know it’s quite tricky but I’m one of these people that likes to dive in head first haha! It’s great fun though!

Thanks again :smiley:

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