Beginner Knitter: Please help! :)

OKay so I just started knitting a couple of weeks ago and seriously a couple of days ago realized I was doing it all wrong. Well I was doing combine knitting trying to make a scarf. I was so confused why it kept rolling up but alas I realized what I was doing. So I got cast on (I do the long tail method), knitting, garter stitch, stocknitte and bind off. Now, I want to be brave enough to actually make some something and I have a few questions…

What is gauge? I see that on all the patterns I’ve read and I have no idea what it means. Is this a step to do before you actually knit? How is it done?

Now this is more of a favor but does anyone have a good pattern for beginners perferably a scarf or hat or shawl…

I have 2 sets of needles 6 and 101/2. I also have two worsted weight yarns.

Thanks in advanced to anyone who can help! :slight_smile:

Sydney :heart:

I started knitting a few months ago, and so far all of the patterns I’ve done came from the Free Patterns tab at the top of this site. It’s so fun!

As for gauge, it’s basically making sure that your knit style, yarn thickness, and needle size make the size stitches appropriate for certain sizes. In other words, 2 people who knit with the same pattern, yarn and needles may come up with completely different size sweaters if one knits really tight and the other knits really loose. Make sense? I’ve been told that gauge is basically for clothing items, and other things where the final size is important. Otherwise, if you’re knitting a scarf for yourself…who cares if the gauge is completely wrong if you’re happy with it? Oh, and it’s done by knitting a few stitches/rows and then measuring the number of stitches/rows per inch.

[size=2]Okay, that sounded like I have way more experience at this than I really do. Hope I didn’t give anyone that I’m-the-greatest-knitter-in-the-world-even-though-I-hardly-have-any-experience vibe![/size]

Here’s a Knitty Article about guage. Enjoy the detail :wink: