Beginner knitter: k2, yarn over.

Hi everyone! Hope someone can help me with a pattern. So my pattern says that I have to cast on 92 stitches and work in 1x1 rib stitch.
Then it says you have to work 2 rounds in stockinette stitch with increases as follows:
Round 1: K1, yarn over, repeat from * to * to end of round. There are now 138 stitches.
Round 2: knit across 1 round, knitting the yarn overs through the back loop to avoid holes.
I watched some videos to understand how to do yarn over and I think I understood how to do it properly, but I end up with 122 stitches instead of 138 and I really can’t understand how I can have 138 stitches (after increases) starting with 92 :sweat:
Can someone please help me?

In the title of this thread it is saying k2, yarn over, while in the text it is saying k1, yarn over. I assume the title is the correct one because it gives 138 stitches:

92/2=46. Thus there will be 46 yarn overs and 92+146=138.

So, you knit 2 stitches, then between the second and the third stitch you do a yarn over. Then you repeat this until the round is done.

Thank you for replaying! Yes, it is k2, yarn over.
I can only count 30 yarn overs:
Considering k2 and yarn over I can only count 30 yarn overs (and this is why I think I end up with 122 stitches: 30x2=60 + 62 knits = 122) and I can’t understand where the other 16 yarn overs should be.

Yarn over is not consuming any stitches at all. So, you knit normally all of the 92 stitches you have. The yarn overs are between them.
You do:
Knit a stitch, Knit a stitch, a yarn over, knit a stitch, knit a stitch, a yarn over, etc, etc.
This is why you do 92/2=46 yarn overs.

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I’ve finally figured out how to do it. Thank you so much! :relaxed:

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