Beginner knitter, is this a dropped stitch?

I’m starting a scarf with just the knit stitch. I think I have a dropped stitch in the last row. Along the needle, there’s a loop sticking out. And just to it’s left, there is a gap for stitches on the needle. Really no clue how to fix this. Please help.

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You can always count the sts on the needle to see if there is a dropped or an extra stitch.

The best thing may be to knit over to the loop and try to figure out where the loop is coming from. It might be a stitch that wasn’t completed. You may have a loop and the stitch from the previous row.
In the worst case you may have to rip down to the next row but fortunately you’ve just started the scarf (lovely colors in the yarn).
A lifeline is a lifesaver for all of us, beginner and more experienced knitters alike.
Once you get past this, add one in on the sts on the needle and keep adding lifelines as you knit.

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