Beginner knitter - help needed!

Hi all! I’m a very knew knitter writing my first knitting post ever. I really hope you can help! I’m making a hat for a colleagues baby to be, it’s my first time knitting in the round so a big learning curve. I’ve been knitting in a 2x2 rib. I was doing pretty well but I’ve just found a mistake. It’s the third stitch along in the first photo below, then I worked my way along to it to show what the row below looks like when you get to it.

It looks like a yarn over but it can’t be as I’ve still got the right number of stitches. Is it a twisted stitch? Do I have to go all the way back round (undoing pretty much a whole round to get there) to fix it? What do I need to do when I get there if so? Any help much appreciated!

Hi and welcome to Knitting Help and knitting!

It looks like a YO or like you stuck your needle into the bar between the stitches, but since you said you have the correct number of stitches I’m not sure. I would just tink back till you get to that stitch or possibly the row below if necessary.

Tinking is unknitting stitch by stitch. Easiest way to do that is to put slight tension on the stitches on the right needle by lifting the needle up and put your left needle into the front of the stitch below and slip the stitch off the right needle. Here’s a video.

Thanks for your help Jan. I’ve tinked before but am a bit nervous about doing that much of it. I was hoping there might be something clever I could do to fix it where it was, especially if it was a twisted stitch. Ah well I’ll just have to bite the bullet!

It looks like it may be in the last row. If so, you can knit over to that stitch and let it drop off the needle. There will be a little extra yarn there but it’ll work its way into the stitches on either side.
But, better check your stitch count and make sure there isn’t a dropped stitch somewhere else.

Hi both! It was a yarn over after all that. I’ve since managed to do the same thing again and had to go back and fix it again. Then spent an hour being very confused and unpicking and redoing before learning what I feel is a very valuable knitting lesson - stockingette in the round is just knit no purl! What a muppet I am, took me ages to figure out what I was doing wrong! Hopefully I’m on the right track now. Thanks!

Accidental YO are common. Always check that your yarn is moved back to the back after the last purl. :slight_smile: Remember that we learn with mistakes so you’re doing well!

You’ve probably fixed that by now, but if you haven’t, it’s an easy fix without tinking.

This will be easiest to do with a crochet hook, although I can do it with knitting needles.

Work back to the point where the problem stitch is the first one on the left hand needle. Then, using a crochet hook that’s the same size or a bit smaller than your needle, insert it through the stitch that wasn’t knitted from the knit side to the purl side and pull it off the needle. Use the crochet hook to pull that float on the purl side through the stitch that was on the needle, and put the new stitch you just made on the left hand needle. Make sure you didn’t twist the stitch.

It’s done. Just keep knitting.