Beginner knitter and need help with sleeve instruction

Hi I bought a sweater kit from Wool and the Gang and emailed/called them with this question, but have never heard back. So I am hoping someone can help me as I am stuck :frowning:

To start the sleeve I casted on 46 stitches, then knitted 8 rows
this is where I am stuck:
Increase row: knit 7 stitches, increase 1 stitch, knit 3 stitches Repeat the section inside the stars a further 10 times. Knit 6 stitches. (57 stitches) I am unsure what the (57 stitches) means - is that the total # of stitches in the row? and if so, I may have math totally wrong here -but wouldn’t the stitches total 53?
I really appreciate any help!

Welcome to KH!
Yes, 57sts is the total that you’ll have after the increase row (11 increases). The increase is an increase between srs, a M1. You’ll lift the strand between sts to make this increase.
K7, M1, k3 repeat the directions between the asterisks 11 times total, k6.

Here’s a video for a M1 increase in case you need it.

Thank you so much! I was afraid to go ahead bc I didnt understand the pattern. I see now that it is an increase 11X in total. I am truly a champion at unintentional stitch increases, so this should be easy! Thank you very much!