Beginner knitter, about patterns for finished products?

Hello everyone, A fairly new knitter. I believe I made a huge mistake and I was wondering if you guys knew if its possible to weave or knit a pattern into a finished product? I finished a scarf and thought I would just google how to put a colored pattern into it, but seems I should have knitted it in while making the scarf. I dont know If I can truly start over and the pattern is just a simple outline of hearts I wanted to incorporate into the scarf. Any suggestions?

For very extensive colorwork patterns involving broad areas of the fabric it is normally easier to knit them in. However, it’s possible to use duplicate stitching to add in colorwork to a piece after the fact (in some cases where there are only a few stitches of a certain color here or there, separated by large numbers of other color stitches, it can even be the easiest way). There are lots of instructions online for duplicate stitching.

There are also many other different forms of embroidery you could explore–just searching for "embroidery hand knitting " or similar should give you lots of ideas to check out…

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