Beginner K1 P1 pattern

Are there any beginner patterns that have this combination of stitches or others (K2 P2 or K P1) I would like to practice this skill.
Thanks so much!

You can make a simple scarf - CO about 5-6 inches worth of sts, make sure it’s a number dividable by for for k2,p2, or by 2 for k1,p1, and start knitting.

try a nice ribed scarf like
(then post on the scarf along:cool:) or maybe a nice dish cloth? there so small and quick

Sampler scarf here
dishcloths are a good way to practice stitches
or just stitches alone. do anything. make up your own dishcloth, scarf, pillow, etc

Thank you for all the wonderful info! All those ideas/patterns are ones that I can really do! I can’t wait to get started!