Beginner; Just Starting Out

Thanks to an online friend of mine, I’ve recently become obsessed with the idea of learning how to knit.

The thing is, I found some knitting needles only today and am feeling rather lost. I’ve managed a single stitch, but I’m not sure where to go from there. How I begin a second stitch?

Sorry to ask such a simple question, haha. Thanks!

Here is where you will find videos of how to knit. There are also videos for how to purl, increase, decrease, etc. if you use the different tabs at the top of the page I’ve linked.

Also, a good video to watch that shows a small project from beginning to end is found here.

Good luck, welcome here, and ask as many questions as you need to!!


Pretty name Tara-Marie! Good for you, you’re about to begin one of the great glories in life! :happydance: Just remember it will feel awkard at first but you’re fingers will be flying in no time. Good luck, I’m sure the videos will help you.

AND, Tara-Marie, all questions are fine; simple, hard, in between…this is how we learn :wink: :heart: that you are learning to knit, it’s fun & so r knitters!

Glad you have decided to knit. I love it seeing a finished project makes me feel very good. I found a local knitting group but I also bought Knitting for dummies wich I have found to be really helpful. Good Luck

Welcome Tara-Marie!! :waving: You’ll be knitting and purling and yo’ing and inc’ing and dec’ing and ssk’ing and MORE in no time. In case you haven’t noticed … KNITTING RAWKS!!! And you’ll always find answers at KH; just give us a holla! Happy Knitting! :XX:

welcome Tara-Marie! :waving:
you will ‘get it’ really soon… and you will have lots of fun! :smiley:
:XX: :XX: :XX:
:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

You guys are so sweet, all of you! Thank you very much, I feel extremely welcome here now. :heart:

I completely forgot about the video of the small project, so thank you! In case someone looks at this thread again, I have another question.

I’m trying to make a scarf (obligatory first project, hooray!) and I’m going to try two colours. I’ve actually begun knitting the second colour on, but seeing that first colour dangling, not doing anything, is worrying me.

When I want to switch to my first colour once more, do I just cut it off, weave the leftover bit into my first block of colour, and tie the yarn on like I did to put the second colour in? I hope that makes sense, haha.

Thanks again!

It depends on how far apart your stripes are. If it’s only a few rows, you can just bring it up and start knitting with it. If it’s more than a few, and you don’t want a loop at the end, you can do one of two things.

You can cut and weave and reattach, or you can bring the yarn that you’re using under the hanging yarn each time you get to that end, and bring it up one row at a time that way.