Beginner Issue


I picked up a beggining knitting guide about two months ago and have been strugggling ever since. I have learned to cast on, but the knit stitch has eluded me. I think my technique is ok, until I reach the end of the first row. Then i end up with an extra loop of yarn on my needle. One end comes out of my next to last stitch and the other end comes from my first cast on stitch (last knit stitch in the row). I have tried loosening my stitches, I’ve followed along with multiple videos, but I do not know what is causing this. By my count, all of my stitches are present.

Can someone tell me what I may be doing wrong or how to fix this??

There is an image for reference. Sorry, it wouldn’t let me post it in my origional message.

Welcome to KH!
So your stitch count is correct but the last stitch, nearer the point of the needle in your photo makes one extra stitch? What if, just to get this all working, you knit that last stitch?
Take the needle with the sts in your right hand, slip that last stitch back to the empty needle in your left hand and knit that last stitch. You should be ok to keep going on the set of sts plus one. At least this way, you can practice your knit stitch for some rows and see how it goes.
I’m not sure if all your sts are knits from the photo or where all the yarn strands are coming from, but this is a start.

I agree that if you can just keep going it will be good practice. What cast on did you use? Knowing that could help diagnose the problem.