Beginner... is it supposed to look like this?

Hi I’m new to knitting and am wondering if this is how the knit stitch is supposed to look? When I’ve seen videos of it done it never turns out like this with people who are using the same size needles. I’ve got 20 mm needles.

Thanks for any help!

Unless you’re going for an extremely loose knit fabric (which is both possible & acceptable if this is what your aim is), it looks like your yarn and needle size are not a good match :frowning_face: plus you may be knitting quite loosely as well
If you read the chart on this link it may help you to better understand which needles you should use with which yarn. Also, look at the band your yarn came with, it usually states the needle size they advise you to use on the back.
Welcome to the wonderfully woolly world of knitting :grinning:

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Oh really?! I had no idea each yarn size had a needle size you should use! Haha that explains a lot. Thank you so much!

That type of yarn is a little harder to learn on, too. That fiber is a little “sticky” on the needles. I usually recommend a worsted weight, solid light color yarn and size 8 or 9 needles.

Stockinette is knit a row, purl a row repeatedly. What are you doing?