Beginner/ intermediate shawl pattern?

Hi guys,

I have been away from KH because I haven’t been knitting lately! I had to finish up some Xmas presents (embroidery), so my needles have been getting dusty.

I’d like to find a pattern for a nice lace shawl (beginner/ intermediate level). I have 2 skeins of Berocco Alpaca Ultra in an aquamarine color. I’ve looked at the Luna Moth Shawl and the Swallowtail Shawl… I like Swallowtail but I don’t like bobbles (or nubbs, whatever they are). I know some on Ravelry have replaced those with beads, which I would LOVE to try, but I’m not exactly sure how they changed the pattern and I’ve never beaded before. Maybe that’s a little too ambitious…

Any ideas? I’ve only done one lace project before - the Branching Out scarf, which went quite well.


There are several people who made the Swallowtail without the nupps. It should be pretty easy (that’s how I’m planning to do one when I get around to it). Instead of inc 4 sts in one and then dec 4, just knit 1 on the RS and purl 1 on the WS. As for substituting beads, why don’t you pm those people who did that and ask how; I’m sure they wouldn’t mind explaining it.

Hey, good idea! I am going to PM some of the bead users about how to do it, but I may just forego the beads and use your instructions for omitting the nups. Thanks! :slight_smile:

I haven’t made the shawl pattern you are looking at but I have added beads to my knitting. I like to add my beads as I knit as opposed to pre-stringing them. I use a very tiny crochet hook, load the bead on the hook and then with the hook, pull the loop of the stitch I want the bead to sit on through the bead.

Here’s a good explanation of the process:

Beading Made Easy!

When you get to the one stitch that replaces your bobble, you would pull the loop of the knit stitch through the bead, replace it on the left needle and then knit it off.

Good luck on your shawl project!