Beginner-intermediate knitter needs help with pattern


I’m starting to knit again after a 10-year lapse and am quite rusty at reading instructions. The pattern I’m having trouble with is:

K3, * P3 tog leaving sts on needle, YO, purl same 3 sts together again slipping sts off left needle; repeat from * across to last 3 sts, K3.

I don’t know what “P3 tog leaving sts on needle” means – Does it mean to partially complete the purl of 3 stitches, where 3 stitches will remain on the left needle and a newly created stitch will be on the right needle? Then if I YO, I will now have a total of two new stitches on my right needle? Then I guess I purl the same 3 sts together again, but have no idea what “slip sts off left needle” means.

Would greatly appreciate any help. Thank you so much!

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yuckola. i just finally mastered this stitch for a bracelet design i found on ravelry. it’s not fun. it’s called a ‘knot’ stitch by some designers. yes, you’re purling the 3 stitches together, so you get one stitch on your right hand needle. but you leave the 3 stitches on your left hand needle. you yarn over the right hand needle next to that stitch you just made by purling. then you purl the same 3 stitches together on the left hand needle, again. once that’s done, you let the 3 ‘old’ purl stitches fall off the left hand needle. this way you start with 3 stitches and end with 3 stitches, but it creates a starburst/crochet looking thing. check if you want to see pictures of the stitch when finished.

Welcome to KH. Slip the stitches off the needle means to take them off the needle as you normally do after making a new stitch. Here’s a video link for you.

also… it helps to work loosely. if you’re a tight knitter, like me, consider going up a size on your needles for this one. and if the next round/row is a plain knit, consider going up yet another size for that one. if you do that, and then go back down a size for the next funky pattern row, it gives you just enough extra room to work the stitches. otherwise you’ll likely be fighting them as too tight the whole way.

Thank you so much! I think I get it, although I’m troubled by the “yuckola” remark. Just finished many rows of cable with 3 colors of yarn, and now this! I was scared to start this next pattern without asking for help as I have 300+ stitches on my needle and would not survive ripping out any mistakes. Oh, my gosh, I have 8" to go of the “yuckola” pattern … Thank you, I think …

Thanks for posting. I thought this is what the pattern meant, but wasn’t quite sure. Thanks again!

don’t be scared… just knit loosely. and, consider the slightly larger needles (although you might try the size called for in your pattern, and see how you do). good luck! :wink:

Welcome to the forum and welcome back to knitting!
This might be a good place to put in a lifeline just in case there’s a problem. It’ll make it easier to re-start should you have to rip out some sts.

When I come across a new stitch like this one, I put my project down and pick up some easy to knit with yarn to practice with. Just cast on as many as you need for the new pattern (I usually add 5 stitches on each side just because I find that helps). I also knit a few rows as a set up before I start my practice rows. Then I can learn the new stitch without worrying about messing up my project.