Beginner inquiring about making a sweater!


I am new here, I have knitted a little in the past and i have only made things as difficult as a scarf using purl and knit stitches. I would like to make some sweaters and vest for my parents and boyfriend but I am a little hesitant to start one because they seem so hard! :frowning:

Is it as hard as it seems? and can anyone give me any tips on where to begin? Do i just sew peices together and join them together at the end? :oops:

Sorry if i seem a bit lost… :blush: Its just that I really want to make at least 1 sweater and I am a bit intimidated by the difficulty! heehee

Thank you!

Welcome to the forum!

Sweaters aren’t that difficult. You need to know how to knit and purl, of course, how to increase and decrease, and have the basics of how to read a pattern. Sweaters are knit either one piece at a time and sewn together, or there are patterns where they are knit in one piece, in the round.

There are many sweater patterns out there that are designed for beginning knitters, because anyone who’s made a sweater started with a first one, right?

Are there any babies or children in your life that you can knit for? I found that starting with small sweaters is wonderful because they’re constructed the same as adult sweaters, without all the knitting and without the need for a perfect fit, since children come in all sizes and keep getting bigger.

You can find lots of patterns to look through at , , and right here on this site to start with, and I’m sure others can point you in the direction of other free patterns. There are tons out there!

If you decide on a sweater you want to knit, go for it. If you run into problems, we’re all here to help. :wink:

Thank you Ingrid :heart:
It’s great to have such a wonderful knitting community here with such nice people! :cheering:

This is going to sound silly but what exactly is a row? I never really had to follow patterns for my scarves i have made and i just knitted non-stop but in the sweater pattern it asks me to knit 7 rows…

Does 1 row mean knitting once on the right side and knitting back on the wrong side? or does 1 row mean knitting on the rightside and knitting back on the wrong side would be 2 rows? :shock:

1 row is knitting on the right side and row 2 is knitting on the back side :XX:

ahh ok. Thank you!