Beginner Here

I was wondering what are some good beginner projects? I am working on a dishcloth now, and I know a scarf is good. What are some other beginner projects? Are there any simple hats, baby projects?

Dishcloths are great first projects. I did more than 50 of them when I first started. Then went right into knitting socks. LOL!

Baby sweaters are a great beginner project! They teach you about sweater construction, and they’re much faster than a “big person” garment. (Plus, you never know when you may need a quick shower gift.)

Oh, and welcome to the forum!

I wonder where I could find an easy pattern for a hat? I want to knit one for my stepmother.

check the free patterns tab above- its where I got my first hat pattern that is knitted flat. (it was the VW hat, without the VW logo). there are good ones with circs and dpn’s too if you are up to using them!