Beginner here--In need of help

I am very new to knitting and I am knitting some fingerless mitts. I have reach a row of my instructions that I don’t understand. It reads:
Next row (right side)- Work 22, *K1, P1, rept from * twice more, work to end.

I don’t understand what work 22 means. Anybody???

Hello christine347

It means work 22 sts in the pattern of that row so if it’s a knit row knit 22 sts then k1 p1 3 times. Hope this helps

This is a photo of pattern I am working. Each row has a pattern of knit and purl stitches. Do I do the first 22 stitches of row 1 then k1 p1 k1 p1 k1 p1 then pick up the pattern where I left off to the end ?

Thank you for your help.

Yes that’s what I would do, hope it helps

When you get to the row in question the pattern wants you to -
Work 22 stitches, ie Knit or Purl 22 stitches depending on if the row is a knit or a purl one etc

Then the * (asterisk) indicates a REPEAT section.

So you repeat from the Asterisk (*) as many times as the pattern says. In your case it’s the First time then Repeated 2 more times. So you do that 3 times in all - then finish knitting (or purling etc) all remaining stitches to the end of the row