Beginner help

I am a beginner knitter knitting a scarf. I have a pattern that is 3 knit, 1 purl. I’ve made a mistake and not sure how to correct it. This is due to be a knit stitch but I’ve obviously done something wrong.

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This video shows changing a purl to a knit and also changing a knit to a purl. You already have the strand pulled out of the stitch so you just have to insert a crochet hook or the right hand needle into the stitch and pull the loose strand through.

Here is a marked up image.

Slip the yellow Strand to the front.
Purl the green stitch by picking the yellow strand and pulling it through to the back.
Slip this completed purl stitch to the left needle and then K with the working yarn.

That looks like a One Row scarf by The Yarn Harlot.
Have I guessed correctly?

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