Beginner help please

At the moment I am knitting the scarf from stitch and bitch, the ribbed for her pleasure one and touch wood and only having to unwravel it 7 times, it seems to be going ok. I was going to follow the projects through the stitch and bitch book as they seem to be in order of difficulty but then I thought I will be knitting stuff I dont really want. Could anyone come up with a sort of beginners (and not very good one at that) plan. For example, after you have done a scarf, why dont you try this which is slightly harder but not too scary and so on.

It is not easy to suggest what to knit next… but I would suggest not to knit something you dont want to use/have.

hmmm this is the trouble. I might try a hat next but am deeply troubled by those loopy needle things, I cant control bog standard needles. I suppose I would like to knit a jumper or something but maybe I would be running before I could walk, just wondering what other items people worked through whilst they were learning

A hat is an AWESOME second project!! And, on circular needles, all you do it knit knit knit…no purling!

Here is one that is EASY, and several of us have made:

Another thing that people like to make are dishclothes–lots of stitch variation, small project, and if it’s not perfect–it’s not like you’re wearing it!

Knitting on circular needles is actually easier than controlling two needles. has a billion + 1 free patterns in every category.

If I were you I would knit whatever you really want to knit. My experience has been that people (Ingrid) are extremely helpful here. Just about any project is within reach if you combine their help(Ingrid’s ) with the videos. Good Luck. :thumbsup:

Everyone is helpful here! I’m certainly not here 24/7, though it may seem like it. :rollseyes: