Beginner Help Needed


I’m a relatively new knitter, I’ve only knitted scarves and stuffed animals at this point. I seem to be stuck on a beginner cape pattern, I cannot decipher one portion of the instructions. Mainly, I don’t understand what rows to decrease. The instructions are as follows:

“Cont in this way, working patt - 6 rows in g st and 14 rows in st st throughout, at the same time dec in the same way as before on the next and foll 6th row. [94 (104) sts]
Then dec every 4th row 3 times, then on the 18 (20) foll alt rows. [52 (58) sts].”

In what rows do I decrease using the above directions? Please? By “cont in this way” does it mean repeat the 6 rows in g st and 14 rows in st st until all the dec are done? If so, what rows in the 6 g st and 14 st st do I dec?

Thank you in advance for any help.

Yes, ‘cont in this way’ means work in the stitch pattern you’ve been doing. You must have done a dec row before and you do it again on the next row, then the 6th row after that. There’s 5 rows with no decreases between them. Then you work the decrease row on the 4th row 3 times (3 rows between the dec rows), then on every other row until you get to the right number of stitches.