Beginner help needed-- baby blanket

I am a beginner attempting a corner to corner seed stitch blanket and am having trouble with the first two lines.

1st row: inc st in first st. K1. 3sts
2nd row: (RS) K1. (yo, K1) twice. 5sts

I am thinking that I should do a knit front and back in the first row, plus the K1. This gives me 3sts.

The second row confuses me though. I am assuming I do the yo, K1 into the same stitch? If so, I’m not sure how to do this properly.

Can anyone help? Thanks in advance.

Oh no I think I’ve been over complicating things. For some reason I thought the yarn over included a knit stitch. Watching a good tutorial answered my question. Apologies for the premature post!

The best solution of all. Yes, a yarn over doesn’t include any other stitch, just move the yarn between the needles and over the right needle. Enjoy knitting your blanket!