Beginner! Help me please!

In Knitting, what does these (as below) means?

Work 4 [4:5:5:6:6]

measure 10[11:12:13:14:15], (4[4 1/4 :4 3/4 :5 1/4:5 1/2 : :6]in)

Thank you very much.

The different numbers are for different sizes. The first set - work 4 [4:5:5:6:6] - means to do that many sts in pattern depending on which size. These numbers - 41[47:51:59:65] - are how many you have after the increases or decreases.
Same with the others, they’re measurements.

I am a bit slow ha ha. When you said depending on which size, do you mean… as I’m doing tank top for baby and it comes in size 0-6 months 6-12 months, 1-2years , 2-3years , 4-5years and 6-7yeras?
I’m knitting for baby 0-6 months,
[B]Shape Armholes[/B]
work 4 [4:5:5:6:6] dec 1st at each end of every rows means? Ohhh I’m so stupid T-T

You’re not stupid, just new to reading patterns. Since you’re knitting the smallest size, just use the very first numbers when a string of them are given. So when you see - work 4 [4:5:5:6:6] - work 4 sts. Dec 1 st at each end of row means to decrease at the beginning and end of that row. That doesn’t have to mean in the very first st, you can work 1 st, dec, then work the row to the last 3 sts, dec and do the last stitch. Many people like to leave the edge st plain so it makes seaming easier.

For the other sets of numbers -

41[47:51:59:65]; measure 10[11:12:13:14:15], (4[4 1/4 :4 3/4 :5 1/4:5 1/2 : :6]in)

after your decreases or increases you’ll have 41 sts, measure 10" and 4"

That was so clear. Thank you very very much for your help. I’ll let you know how I get on. xxx

Hi Suzee,

With your help I’m now finished the back and doing the front. But I got a little question please. When the instruction says. [B]Ending with a wrong side row[/B], does it mean next row you will start with right side?

Yes, it does. Those instructions mean the last row you do would be a WS row and begin the next set of instructions on a RS row.

Thank you very much xxx

That was how I understand (The same as you reply).

My RS row is knit but then next instruction said

Shape Shoulder
Next Row. Cast off 4 sts, purl to end. 4sts.
Next Row Knit


Hi Suzee,

now I’m doing neckband. Instruction said with RS facing use Contrast pick up and knit 28 …

How do I pick up?

So I guess you figured out the shoulder shaping…?

There’s a video on the Advanced Techniques page (I think) for picking up sts. But basically pretend your neckline is your left needle, put the R needle into a stitch on the edge and knit it. Then do that all the way around the neckline until you have 28 sts. You might have to space them out a little on the sides of the neck - pick up 2 sts, skip 1, pick up 2, skip 1 and so on - but on the back of the neck pick up one in every stitch.