Beginner - Help identifying stitch

Hi guys,

I’m a bit of a beginner when it comes to handknitting, and I’m having trouble identifying this particular stitch. It looks pretty simple, but I love how it sort of looks like raised squares!

Does anybody know what kind of stitch it might be? I thought it was a simple knitted rib, but after trying a few yarns it never looks like this picture, where it looks like individual squares made up of two stitches with a gap in between.

sorry my description’s a bit off, I’m still learning the right terms for these stitches! Any help would be massively appriciated!

It looks like 1 x 1 ribbing to me. To work this , you knit 1, purl one across the row. On the next row you knit the knits and purl the purls. It takes a few rows of knitting before it looks like that.

Embossed Rib?
The picture is too small for me to see what you describe.

Hi guys thank you for the replies!

I had tried a knit/purl rib (which looked quite nice), but i like how in the picture there seems to be a break across the knitted rows. So instead of just a vertical rib there seems to be more of a grid formation.

I’ve tried doing a row of purl every third row but it looks nothing like this :wall:

sorry the picture’s not that great, it had to keep resizing and cropping it to upload it!

It takes a few rows of knitting ribbing before it starts looking like that. This 1x1 ribbing on a baby mitten

Is that a picture you took? If so, is the item old and do you know what fiber it’s made from? The edge looks like it might be worn and the stitches flattened which would alter its appearance from when it was fresh off the needles.

What about trying a row of knit sts every third row? Do k1p1 rib for two rows and then knit across row 3.