Beginner fair isle pattern?

My FIL requested a knit tea cozy for Christmas. I saw this pattern and thought it may be the perfect opportunity to try out fair isle for the first time. Does anyone think this is an easy one to try? Would using some cheapy Wool-ease be fine too? Thanks!!

Looks like it would be a good pattern to try–Woolease is fine, too.

Thanks! :heart:

If you’ve never done fair isle before, knitting back and forth is a bit harder than doing a project in the round (keeping your two yarns untangled when you switch from knit to purl). So from that perspective, this might not be the ideal project to start with; on the other hand, what have you got to lose? Make no promises to the recipient and experiment with cheap yarn; if you find yourself tangled (which you probably won’t), you haven’t lost much.