Beginner Blanket


So I’m trying to knit a blanket for my son who is due January 9th…I bascially have no idea what I am doing:?? What do I do with the long tail after the casting? Does it just go away on it’s own? And how do I keep my stiches from curling up??

Please help

Signed, about to leave this to the professionals :}

You can cut some of the tail off, leave about 3-6", or you can wrap it up into a little bundle. Or redo the cast on using less yarn than you did this time; whatever’s left over less 6".

Knitting one row and purling the next causes the edge to curl up. Better to knit about 5 or 6 rows first. Then also knit 5 or 6 sts at the beginning and end of the purl rows to keep the side edges from curling.

The tail that’s left over from your cast on can be woven into the blanket or into the edge of the blanket. Don’t worry about it for now. You can deal with it when you’re finished.
It could be that your sts (actually your knitted piece) is curling because you’re knitting a row and purling a row alternately (stockinette st). You may want to add a border of 3-4sts in garter st (knit all the rows) at the edges of the blanket to keep it from curling. 6-8 rows of garter st at the beginning and end will help too. Here’s a thread on knitting that curls and how to stop it that may help.

Thanks guys! One more question.…I’ve noticed that every time I stitch a new row, at least two stitches end up crossed over each other. I’be slowed my pace and I’m trying to pay very close attention but it’s still happening. Any advice as to how this is happening and what I need to do differently? Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

If you begin a knit row and have the yarn over the needle to the back it can pull up the end st and each leg looks like a separate stitch. Hold it a little out to the side.
Or maybe you’re not pulling the first st off the needle completely when you do the second stitch.
If you could post a picture that could help us identify what you’re seeing.