Beginner Asking For Help

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I apologize ahead of time if this question has been posted. I just didn’t know how to search for this topic.

I’m a novice knitter and not sure how to even phrase this question. Ummmmm, I am doing a practice swatch right now but planning on knitting a scarf as my first project. I’ve learned the knit and purl stitches but need to know if I have completed 6 purled rows which side of my needle should my completed work be on when i start the knit stitch?

Not using a pattern for my scarf just doing like 8 rows of the knit stitch and then purl/knit/purl/knit/purl maybe.

I would appreciate any help anyone could offer. :grphug:[/FONT]

[COLOR=DarkOrchid][SIZE=3][FONT=Comic Sans MS]:waving: Eight rows of purl stitch done flat is the same as eight rows of knit stitch done flat. It’s called garter stitch. You’ll get ridges and valleys. Each ridge is counted as two rows. Garter stitch is reversible so it really doesn’t matter which side you start on for the next phase of your scarf project.

[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR][COLOR=DarkOrchid][SIZE=3][FONT=Comic Sans MS]However, CO and knit or purl six rows your tail will be at the bottom right hand corner as you begin to knit the 7th row. Your completed work is always in your left hand as you start your next row.

I’m not sure if that answered your question, but if it didn’t ask again! :stuck_out_tongue:

A purl st is the back of a knit st and vice versa. In the pattern you have - 8 rows of garter st, then switch to stockinette, you can count the Vs on the knit side to know when you’ve done 6 rows of them. Also note that stockinette st (knit a row, purl a row) curls at the edges, but if you’re going to do more rows of garter stitch in between, that should help keep it flat.

[FONT=“Lucida Console”]Thanks YarnLady & Suzeeq. I truly do appreciate the help…and I need all the help I can get :hug:

I have alot of experience crocheting but knitting is like a whole other world for me…and I’m loving it :heart:

Let me see if I can explain my question a little better. My completed work is in my left hand. However should my completed work be facing my right hand needle when I switch from purl to knit or knit to purl or should my completed work be facing away from my right hand needle? Or are you saying that it really doesn’t matter?

Does that make any sense? Maybe I am just over thinking the whole thing? :aww: [/FONT]

When you finish a row, the needle is in your right hand. Turn it and transfer it to your left to start the next row, it doesn’t matter if that row is going to be knit or purled. After you transfer the needle, the yarn will be on the right edge as you look at it.

Are you confused as to right side/wrong side…public vs private?


[FONT=“Lucida Console”]:muah: I’m sooooooooooooo happy I found this site!! Everyone here is soooo wonderful!!

Ok so the completed work should be facing the right side regardless of knit or purl. whew Ok, thank you!!! :x:[/FONT]

[FONT=“Lucida Console”]Cam90066, I’m just basically confused!!! lol :teehee:

But yes…I guess I am trying to ask about wrong side vs right side. Thank you for interpreting for me!!! :hug:[/FONT]

If in doubt as to RS vs WS, tie a piece of yarn or place a small safety pin on one side or the other. Just remember where you put it and be consistent if the item has more than one piece (example…if sweater, fronts, backs and sleeves would need same side marked on all). That way, if you’re following a pattern you know where you are in relation to the instructions. Some stitch patterns clearly have a RS or WS but garter st, and some that are reversible, can look the same on both. If you’re transitioning from one st pattern to another you may need to know if the new pattern begins on the RS or WS.


Yarnlady explained that very well xx

[FONT=“Lucida Console”]Thanks Cam. I really appreciate your help. :hug:

I’m actually just starting out by doing a scarf but haven’t gotten past the practice swatch. My practice swatch is curling and I seem to be dropping/picking up stitches. The top and bottom of my work doesn’t look even and the side kind of slopes. Anyone have any idea what I could be doing wrong?[/FONT]

Did you check out the stickied threads…at the top of this forum… on ‘curling’ and ‘extra stitches’? Perhaps some insights.


I’m not exactly sure what you mean when you said,

"but need to know if I have completed 6 purled rows which side of my needle should my completed work be on…"
You may be talking about the back of a knitted and purled piece (stockinette–knit a row purl a row, repeat), or maybe you purled 6 rows. If you purl every row you will get garter stitch just like you would if you knitted every row. Most people prefer to accomplish this stitch by knitting every row, because they prefer to knit over purling. But if you like to purl you can do it that way. :slight_smile:

I’m thinking about as you begin your self designed scarf (I love it, go for it) and you are trying to decide which side is the “right side” you might take a good look at the effect you get right at the beginning of your piece. If you do garter (knit or purl every row) it looks a little different right at the beginning on the two sides, after that it looks the same on both sides. See which side you like the looks of the best and decide that that is the right side. There are also slight differences in the way most cast ons look on one side or the other. Pick the side that you like best for that as well. If you’re doing garter, the little difference that you get on each side because it is the first row will probably be a more noticable thing than the side of the cast on. But it’s your scarf and you can pick the side you like best to be the “right side”. With a scarf both sides will show, but if you do anything that looks decidedly different you will want the side you like best of that to be the “right side”.

If you’ve been doing garter and want to switch to stockinette do a purl row so that the purl bumps end up on the side you have designated as the “back”, and the flat vees of the knit stitches end up on the front. Unless you want it the other way. LOL Reverse stockinette (the back, or purl side of the stockinette) can be chosen as the focal point of a piece as well as the “normal” side. This is all part of the fun of designing. Have fun.