Begin yarn from inside or out

Not always, but often, I get tangled yarn. I have always started a new skein from the outside. I thought using the inside strand would have more chance of tangling.

Does anyone have ideas about this?

I always TRY to find the yarn from inside the skein!! It pulls straight out from the center. When I do start from the outside, I try to keep the yarn in a totebag so it doesn’t roll all over the floor.


I prefer the inside so the yarn sits nicely next to me. HOWEVER, it’s annoying when the yarn ball falls apart because you’ve hollowed out the inside and it starts collapsing so I’ve been using the outside lately and just leaving them in my bag as I knit.

That said I have friends who handle it different ways. One who knits from the outside puts the skein on a post thing so it rotates around as she knits. One who knits from the inside keeps in in plastic container with a hole in the lid for the yarn to go through. You may have to experiment and see what you prefer.

I have just been knitting from the outside AND the inside - one ball of double knit but pattern wanted chunky weight. It worked. :smiley_cat:

Found a picture of a yarn spool. I’m sure you could make your own sorta of thing, too. I posted a picture elsewhere in here of a container. Like a coffee can/tupperware with a hole in the lid for inside the skein pulling.

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Wow! That is brave!! Clever lady.

I only use the outside yarn now since it seems whenever I’ve tried the inside I end up with a clump of yarn the pulls out and is hard to work with, seeming to get knotted and tangled. I just do the same as some others here and put the skein in a tote/knitting bag. Wish I’d had better experiences with the inside yarn since it does seem easier.

That’s what I was afraid would happen.
Thank you.

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