Begin Scarf knitting with 2 colors?

hey- i saw the video teaching how to knit with two colors and it was great except it didn’t show to start the project. how do i cast on with two colors? do i not cast on with two colors? do i add the color later? if so, how? please help me out, it’s supposed to be a birthday present…

You cast on with whatever color is called for in that part of the pattern and add the other colors when they’re called for. If you’re doing a stranded knitting project, the new color would start at the beginning of the row. If it’s an intarsia project–with a color motif centered–then you start the new color at the first stitch of the new color.

add the other colors when they’re called for.

how do i add them? jus tie it to the other color? or jus start knitting with it? if i jus knit with it, can’t it come out? i’m sorry- can you tell i’m a beginner?

You can start knitting with it and weave in the end, or tie it. Here is a good site on intarsia knitting.

sorry i wasnt clear. i’m not trying to do intarsia method. i’m trying to do the “fair isle” or stranded method.

OK, then you can just start knitting. For a bit of security, you can knit the tail in with the main strand for a few stitches.

ok. thank you so much for your help! i jus started it and it looks pretty good! :slight_smile: