Begging your help with pattern!:)

Hi! May I please beg your help with my pattern?
my pattern row says
*yo, k1,yo, k6,(sl1,k2tog,psso) k6,yo,k1,yo, (sl1, k2tog, psso) ;repeat from * to last 4 stitches, end yo(sl1,k1,psso) k2

What does “to last 4 stitches” mean and where are these stitches? I mean which ones do I stop my repeat at and where do I start my “end” stitches?I hope you guys understand what i’m saying! Thank You dearly!!

There’s no need to beg! :wink:

Just work from the * until there are four stitches left to work on the needle. Then work the final four as instructed.

I can’t say where your repeat will end without knowing how many stitches are on your needle. I suspect the final 4 will replace what’s in the ( ) at the end of the repeat, but can’t say for sure.

Oh, I didn’t understand until you said last 4 stitches on my needle!I was making it wayyy harder to figure out!
Thank you so much for your insight and help , Knitting Angel Ingrid! :slight_smile: